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Transportation Planning 

MDM offers a wide range of Transportation Planning services – from transportation design feasibility and build-out studies to comprehensive transportation studies that fulfill local, state and federal requirements. Our experience has consistently shown that the planning stage is a vital platform upon which successful projects are built, and it is a primary determinant of a project’s ultimate “buildability” and associated infrastructure costs. We  apply an integrated approach to planning whereby planners and engineers work collaboratively to model solutions and value-engineer conceptual infrastructure improvements. Given that transportation design affects everyday citizens' daily mobility and quality of life, MDM’s approach to planning strives to balance community consensus with project needs and budgets. 


MDM transportation planning services

  • Traffic Impact and Access Studies

  • Project Feasibility and Build-Out Studies

  • Transportation Demand Management

  • Community Transportation Master Planning

  • Multi-Model Transportation Systems

  • Peer Review

  • Parking Studies

  • Transit Studies

  • Site and Facility Circulation Studies

  • Traffic Calming Studies

  • Public Presentation and Consensus Building

  • Expert Testimony

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