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Engineering Design

MDM’s Transportation Engineering practice provides comprehensive design services for roadway, intersection and advanced traffic signal systems. Our staff of professional engineers are among the industry’s highest qualified technical professionals. MDM’s employees have vast field experience that ensures design solutions can be implemented with minimal impact to abutting land uses and environmental resources. MDM’s Principal and Senior engineers are well-practiced in effectively compressing review timelines and executing infrastructure designs that are consistent with regulatory “Conditions of Approval” by actively participating in the early planning and permitting stages of a project.

MDM transportation engineering services include: 

  • Highway Engineering and Intersection Design

  • Roundabout Design

  • Advanced Traffic Signal Systems Design

  • Emergency Preemption Signal Design

  • Existing Signal Equipment Evaluations

  • Traffic Management Design

  • Bicycle Facilities Design

  • Pedestrian Facilities Design

  • Traffic Calming Studies and Design

  • Public Presentation and Consensus Building

  • Federal and State Funding Programs

  • Functional Design Reports

  • Project Specifications

  • Construction Cost Estimating/Opinions of Cost

  • Collision Analysis/Safety Enhancements

  • Independent Design Plan Reviews

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